The Feast and The Famine @Black Cat DC

Seeing the Foo Fighters in Washington DC, the city where Dave Grohl has grown musically and that has been decisive for his backgroud of man and musician, is priceless.
Watching the preview of the second episode of Sonic Highways about Washington DC with local people was even more interesting.
It made the experience pretty magical, but somehow familiar.


watching the Foo Fighters playing for 3 hours in a small club called Black Cat for an audience of only 300 people, made this experience exceptional and unforgettable.

Not because of what I’ve found, but for what I didn’t find.

I didn’t find rockstars.
I found musicians, real people that was playing music and getting together for the fun of playing music, regardless the number of people.

And the timing in which things happen sometimes is magic.

This happened while I’m working on a documentary titled “Dreaming Of Foo Fighters”, gives me an incredible experience but also a big plus for my independent movie project.

I hope that one day I’ll be able to say: Not all things happen by chance.

I have to thank Sony Music Italy and Virgin Radio, thanks to Luca Fantacone, Franz, Carmine, Micol, Andrea Rock and Giulia Salvi, for giving me the chance to win the contest and be there.

A special thanks to Roberto, the perfect mate for the perfect trip. What’s the next?03_Il_Ripasso
Thanks to Dante Ferrando (Black Cat’s owner) to whom I gave my personal gift for the Foo Fighters.

Dante_Ferrando_TshirtI hope that it will reach them.

And finally, I hope that this guy finally got to get in. 😀
Ah, last thing.
Once I got back home, someone realized that I came from the Black Cat concert with a beautiful bracelet…

What a Night!



The Feast and The Famine – ‪First Ever Live Performance‬
‪@BlackCat Oct 24th 2014 -‬ Sonic Higways Premiere

Looking for a dime and found a quarter

Looking for a dime and found a quarter.


4 thoughts on “The Feast and The Famine @Black Cat DC

  1. carol milam says:

    “I didn’t find rockstars.
    I found musicians, real people that was playing music and getting together for the fun of playing music, regardless the number of people.”
    EXACTLY! This has been my observation, that no matter if it is Wembley Stadium and 80,000 people…OR a small club with 300 in attendance, the effort put into these concerts is the SAME.
    Dave is one-of-a-kind. I really don’t think this generation gets it yet. Seems to always take a death of a talented musician before they are REALLY recognized for the talent and gifts that they brought into the world.
    Dave and his bandmates are a shining star,…only to continue to beaming bright,…in this present world of musical mediocrity. Savor him!

  2. doff says:

    Hi Carol!
    Thank you for your post, I really appreciate it.
    The goal of my documentary DOFF is just that! They are truly a shining star, because they are normal people! (with an immense talent!)

    stay tuned!

  3. Pasquale Rinaldis says:

    Ciao Stefano, ho letto solo ora il tuo commento al mio post, se vuoi rincontattami via email. Saluti

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