Dreaming Of Foo Fighters – Trailer




Director: Stefano Pedretti
Trailer Editor: Stefano Pedretti – Valentina Grossi
Mix Audio: Lello Ambrosini
Color Grading: Stefano Pedretti – Mauro Vicentin
Subtitles: Martin Maguire – Massimo Caiati


Hi everyone,

Sorry for not giving you any news for so long.
But it was a huuuge trip.

I’m very happy to show you the trailer today.
Today is the birthday of my daughter Giulia who is now 5 years old.
She unknowingly was the engine of this work.
So today is a great day!
Happy birthday Giulia!

The movie is ready.
when does it come out?
I don’t know yet!

Now I am keeping working to find the better solution for a legal distribution.
(And i’m trying to contact Foo Fighters Management to resolve the copyrighting issue.)

But, as a friend of mine says: “you have to start somewhere!”
I hope that you like it!
Please click and spread the voice!



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