Celebrating 20 years of Foo Fighters with a Documentary

Hi there,

I can finally say that DOFF is completed.
For those who do not know what it is:

DOFF – Dreaming of Foo Fighters is an independent documentary about Foo Fighters seen through their fans’ eyes and hearts.
It’s a tribute to celebrate 20 years of their great career.
I liked the idea of spotting the light toward the opposite side of the stage in order to show, even to FF, what one may find.

I have been working hard on it for one year and a half, and I did it all by myself.
I am the producer, the director, the editor, and whatever you may imagine…
A huge work done with great passion and determination.

It was a wonderful trip.
Sometimes it was fun;
sometimes exhausting;
sometimes a nightmare;
but I’m very happy that is done.

I want to thank all the people and tribute bands that I met.
Thanks to Marco Fantin (Foo Fighters Italian Fan Club), Alessandro Curci, Roberto Giammanco, Andrea Maguolo and all the fans around the world who have contributed spontaneously with many great submissions.

I have to thank Sony Music Italy and Virgin Radio for the contest ‪ #FooFightersInUsa‬ that gave me the opportunity to see Foo Fighters at the Black Cat in Washington DC (October 24, 2014 – Sonic Highways Premiere)

Having that chance, while I was working on my documentary, allowed me to have an incredible experience, but also a big plus for my independent movie project.

Ok Maybe I have to clean the timeline, color grading, audio & video post production, etc etc, but the editing is completed. The story is written.

Ok Maybe I have to clean the timeline, color grading, audio & video post production, etc etc, but the editing is completed. The story is written.

Now I have two goals:
First of all, I need to contact the band or its management in order to send them my movie.
Second, I hope to get a distribution for it.

Both goals seem to me another mission impossible:
I don’t know how to get in touch with Foo Fighters
or with their management.

For this reason,
anybody who can help me or give me suggestions, is more than welcome.

These are my contacts:
Stefano Pedretti:
+39 339 7853309

I give you a little taste of DOFF.
It’s a W.I.P. of the fantastic experience that led me to see Foo Fighters in Washington DC. (Sonic Highways Tour)

Thanks for supporting DOFF

Stefano Pedretti


4 thoughts on “Celebrating 20 years of Foo Fighters with a Documentary

  1. iuri bolondi says:

    immagino qualcuno te l’abbia già suggerito, ma provare un crowdfunding su http://www.musicraiser.com/it? se non altro per i costi di masterizzazione/stampa/distribuzione…
    oppure su kickstarter, ma non sono sicuro sia attivo per l’Italia…
    in bocca al lupo
    ciao iuri

  2. doff says:

    Ciao Iuri,

    si grazie, “crowdfunding si o crowdfunding no” è un ragionamento che ho fatto anche prima di iniziare il lavoro, ma per mille motivi, valutazioni case history non l’ho ritenuta una strada praticabile.
    Grazie comunque del suggerimento 🙂

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  4. And where Foo Fighters are musically today is at a point of almost total creative freedom, a band who are able to draw on the most diverse and esoteric influences and combine them into something which is distinctively Foos… and then go out and play to tens of thousands of people every night, as they will when they storm Milton Keynes Bowl later this weekend.

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