No Way Back

When you throw yourself headlong into a crazy project, like to make a portrait of the greatest rock band of your times seen by its fans, there is only one thing that can move yourself in the right direction: Passion.

Exactly that passion that seems to be the activities and projects backbone’ of the Foo Fighters themselves.

What is this passion?

Trust me: We ask ourselves this every day, incessantly, in order to make us clear how to tell the story of DOFF.
To be sure that the deeper meaning of all those stories (incredibly true) that we were lucky enough to capture, will emerge.
To be able to clearly communicate the meaning of “Dreaming of Foo Fighters.”

And you know what?
In these days, everything gets a strange connotation, in between coincidence and dejavu.

It happens when we see the Foos playing covers of their idols during their show. (link)

It happens when we discover that, simultaneously with the recording of the new album, they filmed a documentary. (link)

It happens when they announce some secret shows in suburban pubs, as if it were the natural evolution of the Garage Tour. (link)

It happens when, for the first time in their history, They invite to sing on stage “their” Tribute Band frontman. (link)

For this reason, despite the difficulties of a very small production, we are hanging on.
DOFF is far from over, but maybe we are on the right track.
Perhaps we are on parallel highways.

Enjoy the Teaser.


Best Of You

The adventure is not over yet (I can’t see the light right now but i’m hanging on) but I would like to thank all the people and friends that I’ve met in this beautiful journey and that are making DOFF possible.

Dreaming of Foo Fighters - Best Of You

Dreaming of Foo Fighters – Best Of You

Thank you to:

Simone D’Amelio Bonelli for our lunch at T-bone station.
Damiano Cesaroni for the “Arrabbiata” and  for being the right man!
Daniele Rongone for having a sister.
Paolo Massari  for being a fucking dog!
Erich Deschain for… ok, you have to wait the documentary to understand…
Alessandro Massa for our great hug!
Mario Aubry for his unforgettable facebook statuses.
Salvatore Iannuzzi for being the best drummer on tuna and peas cans!
Francesco Romano for playing naked on youtube.
Simone Zimmo Attenni for having the real “Pick of Destiny” in his hands.
Ernesto Ranieri for loving the firebird.
Valerio Manelfi e Alfredo Baldoni for standing the videocamera.
Marco Fantin for his extraordinary support and helpfulness.
Massimo Caiati for our trip to Naples and because he’s always here.
Giorgio Tebaldi for begging Jack.
Camillo Alberini for being a nice guy.
Roberto Giammanco for being Roberto Giammanco.
Rodolfo Migliari because he exists.
Carola for standing me.
Alessandro Curci for always being happy and keeping smiling.

And the adventure has just begun.


All My Life

Actually DOFF is more than 60 hours of footage, interviews, live music, garage playing, jokes, laughing, anecdotes, van trip, family, friends stuff etc etc.

Dreaming Of Foo Fighters - All My Life

Dreaming of Foo Fighters – All My Life

The footage and the story is great!
I have a very clear idea of the narrative structure and I know what I want to communicate.

But it’s so, so much material, it’s a huge job especially for one person…
At the moment I don’t know how to figure everything out, but somehow I will.

As my mentor said:
“See Marty, if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.”

BackToTheFuture - GeorgeMcFly

And -Thank God – I have 2 exceptional video editing assistants who, especially during the endless lonely nights at work, never leave me alone.