Dreaming Of Foo Fighters – Trailer




Director: Stefano Pedretti
Trailer Editor: Stefano Pedretti – Valentina Grossi
Mix Audio: Lello Ambrosini
Color Grading: Stefano Pedretti – Mauro Vicentin
Subtitles: Martin Maguire – Massimo Caiati


Hi everyone,

Sorry for not giving you any news for so long.
But it was a huuuge trip.

I’m very happy to show you the trailer today.
Today is the birthday of my daughter Giulia who is now 5 years old.
She unknowingly was the engine of this work.
So today is a great day!
Happy birthday Giulia!

The movie is ready.
when does it come out?
I don’t know yet!

Now I am keeping working to find the better solution for a legal distribution.
(And i’m trying to contact Foo Fighters Management to resolve the copyrighting issue.)

But, as a friend of mine says: “you have to start somewhere!”
I hope that you like it!
Please click and spread the voice!



Foo Fighters, Girl Power!

Leecy Anderson and Jessy Greene

Leecy Anderson and Jessy Greene

Many friends of mine are aware of my Doff movie project.
Simply because I’ve been working on it uninterruptedly during the last 2 and a half years… and because I shared with them all the frustrations that I got through it.

First there were frustrations about the making of the movie.
Making a movie all by myself, as director, editor, operator and everything else you can imagine…
Working on it during every night, holiday and weekend available, for more than two years, has some side effects, risking to affect both the final outcome and my own mental balance.

After I finished the movie, a new “frustration” showed up: I had a product, but I was missing everything else. Contacts, voice, legal advice, a distributor…
Yes, I know that I may have underestimated some aspects.
My passion kept me up and led my decisions.
I realized that I had to deal with something bigger than me.

So I began a long journey in the search for contacts. I hope that my gift reaches the band Foo Fighters and the new filming director Dave Grohl.
(This move was born from a desire to make a tribute to FF and celebrate their 20th anniversary … but the anniversary was in 2015 and time is running out…)

At the same time, I also hope to give a future to my movie, even facing the copyright issue because I don’t want have problems like that in the future.
I don’t have any production company behind me, a big brand or a sponsor.
So, everything is very hard to face and fix.
Not because I received any negative answers.
Just because I received no answers at all.

I’m talking about Sony Music Italy, the management of the FF (SAM), newspapers magazines and more, more and more….
Now… I totally understand the management of the Foo Fighers. They for sure get constantly bombarded by ideas and fans, in the middle of a huge epic world tour!
But hat about all the others?
All those who I contacted… Why none of them could find the time for a simple no, or even a “f**k off”?

I’m not asking, like a crazy fan (with all due respect to the crazy and screaming fans), to meet the Foo Fighters.
I made a movie, I’m talking about my work asking how to face some practical issues.
Simply, I’ve been talking about my work, just to myself.

Unless… something happened.
I had two replies!
Maybe for coincidence, both of them were written by a woman’s hand.
Leecy Anderson’s and Jessy Green’s hands.

Leecy Anderson is probably the best-known fan of FF and Dave Grohl. She has been writing the blog sweetparamania for 11 years. A great job for all the fans.
Jessy Green is a talented American violinist and Singer who worked with many great artists: Jayhawks, Ben Harper, Soul Asylum, Pink, and of course with the Foo Fighters. (…especially for the beautiful “Wasting Light”).

Both answers were like, “I’m sorry I can not help you”  But… OMG, I got an answer!
And above all, even if the answers were negative, they are the best “negative” answer I could get.
I appreciate the kind words, the motivations and especially the respect you gave to me and my work.

I’m not saying that only a woman can respect and support, but for the moment, there are only two people who were kind enough to answer.
And these two people were you two.

Thank you Leecy, Thank you Jessy


Strange Things Have Happened

I can absolutely tell about the first time I did Daimoku!
With my Buddhist friend Simone Attenni


Simone @ DAVE GROHL’s house

I was in my house in Rome, while Simone was in Los Angeles sitting for two hours in front of DAVE GROHL’s house

waiting for him to try to give him my movie DOFF!
Did he make it?

Thank you Simone for the great and unique experience… Something To Tell the Grandchildren.
What a night!



Something From Nothing

Today we made another great effort to try again to get in touch with the band.
How did we do it?
You’ll find out in the movie!

While we are waiting for a feedback, we are continuing to work hard on DOFF!

So wish us luck!



Celebrating 20 years of Foo Fighters with a Documentary

Hi there,

I can finally say that DOFF is completed.
For those who do not know what it is:

DOFF – Dreaming of Foo Fighters is an independent documentary about Foo Fighters seen through their fans’ eyes and hearts.
It’s a tribute to celebrate 20 years of their great career.
I liked the idea of spotting the light toward the opposite side of the stage in order to show, even to FF, what one may find.

I have been working hard on it for one year and a half, and I did it all by myself.
I am the producer, the director, the editor, and whatever you may imagine…
A huge work done with great passion and determination.

It was a wonderful trip.
Sometimes it was fun;
sometimes exhausting;
sometimes a nightmare;
but I’m very happy that is done.

I want to thank all the people and tribute bands that I met.
Thanks to Marco Fantin (Foo Fighters Italian Fan Club), Alessandro Curci, Roberto Giammanco, Andrea Maguolo and all the fans around the world who have contributed spontaneously with many great submissions.

I have to thank Sony Music Italy and Virgin Radio for the contest ‪ #FooFightersInUsa‬ that gave me the opportunity to see Foo Fighters at the Black Cat in Washington DC (October 24, 2014 – Sonic Highways Premiere)

Having that chance, while I was working on my documentary, allowed me to have an incredible experience, but also a big plus for my independent movie project.

Ok Maybe I have to clean the timeline, color grading, audio & video post production, etc etc, but the editing is completed. The story is written.

Ok Maybe I have to clean the timeline, color grading, audio & video post production, etc etc, but the editing is completed. The story is written.

Now I have two goals:
First of all, I need to contact the band or its management in order to send them my movie.
Second, I hope to get a distribution for it.

Both goals seem to me another mission impossible:
I don’t know how to get in touch with Foo Fighters
or with their management.

For this reason,
anybody who can help me or give me suggestions, is more than welcome.

These are my contacts:
Stefano Pedretti:
+39 339 7853309

I give you a little taste of DOFF.
It’s a W.I.P. of the fantastic experience that led me to see Foo Fighters in Washington DC. (Sonic Highways Tour)

Thanks for supporting DOFF

Stefano Pedretti


February Stars

DOFF – Dreaming of foo Fighters,
the first documentary about Foo Fighters made by fans, is almost completed.

For this reason we decided to create a section in the documentary that gives the chance to all Foo Fighters’ Tribute Bands and Fans to send a greeting directly to the Foos!
Remember that this year they are going to celebrate their 20-year career !!

You have until February 5, 2015  (deadline extended!)
to send us your video message and be part of DOFF!
You can use your smartphone, your webcam or your camera.
You can talk alone or in groups!
The important thing is to participate!

1 – Put in REC [: D]
2 – Introduce yourselves [Band Name and where you come from]

3 – Customize your message to Dave and his band! (using your favorite language)
4 – Send the video to

Don’t waste time!
Because we will sent the documentary to Foo Fighters by March!



DOFF – Dreaming of foo Fighters,
il primo documentario sui Foo Fighters realizzato dai fan, è in dirittura d’arrivo!

Per questo abbiamo pensato di creare una sezione specifica all’interno del documentario che dia la possibilità a tutte le Tribute Bands e ai Fan dei Foo Fighters di mandare un saluto direttamente ai Foos!
Ricordate che quest’anno i Foo Fighters celebrano i 20 anni di carriera!!

Avete fino al 5 FEBBRAIO 2015 (Scadenza prorogata!)
per inviarci il vostro videomessaggio ed entrare a far parte di DOFF!
Potete utilizzare il vostro smartphone, la vostra webcam o la vostra macchina fotografica.
Potete essere da soli o in gruppo!
L’importante è partecipare!

1 – Mettete in REC [:D]
2 – Presentatevi [Nome Band e da dove venite]
3 – Personalizzate il vostro messaggio per Dave e compagni! (nella lingua che preferite)
4 – Inviate il video a dreamingoffoofighters@gmail.com

Non perdete tempo perchè a Marzo il documentario verrà inviato ai Foo Fighters!

Send Your Video Message to Foo Fighters

February Stars



The Feast and The Famine @Black Cat DC

Seeing the Foo Fighters in Washington DC, the city where Dave Grohl has grown musically and that has been decisive for his backgroud of man and musician, is priceless.
Watching the preview of the second episode of Sonic Highways about Washington DC with local people was even more interesting.
It made the experience pretty magical, but somehow familiar.


watching the Foo Fighters playing for 3 hours in a small club called Black Cat for an audience of only 300 people, made this experience exceptional and unforgettable.

Not because of what I’ve found, but for what I didn’t find.

I didn’t find rockstars.
I found musicians, real people that was playing music and getting together for the fun of playing music, regardless the number of people.

And the timing in which things happen sometimes is magic.

This happened while I’m working on a documentary titled “Dreaming Of Foo Fighters”, gives me an incredible experience but also a big plus for my independent movie project.

I hope that one day I’ll be able to say: Not all things happen by chance.

I have to thank Sony Music Italy and Virgin Radio, thanks to Luca Fantacone, Franz, Carmine, Micol, Andrea Rock and Giulia Salvi, for giving me the chance to win the contest and be there.

A special thanks to Roberto, the perfect mate for the perfect trip. What’s the next?03_Il_Ripasso
Thanks to Dante Ferrando (Black Cat’s owner) to whom I gave my personal gift for the Foo Fighters.

Dante_Ferrando_TshirtI hope that it will reach them.

And finally, I hope that this guy finally got to get in. 😀
Ah, last thing.
Once I got back home, someone realized that I came from the Black Cat concert with a beautiful bracelet…

What a Night!



The Feast and The Famine – ‪First Ever Live Performance‬
‪@BlackCat Oct 24th 2014 -‬ Sonic Higways Premiere

Looking for a dime and found a quarter

Looking for a dime and found a quarter.



I’m going to see the Foo Fighters Secret Show!
@Black Cat in Washington DC!
Friday, Oct. 24th.

With my story I won a ticket on the Virgin Radio Contest!
DOFF_VirginRadio_05_ENG(Thanks to Andrea Rock, Giulia Salvi, Franz and Carmine)

In less that 48 hours I will be here…

with my friend Roberto.

Thanks to all the people that voted for me
and to all the people that believe in DOFF – Dreaming Of Foo Fighters

We’re out of here!


Cold Day in the Sun

Today could be a bad or a good day for DOFF.
I don’t know, I’m still thinking about it.

This morning I showed DOFF (the first rough editing) to a professional editor (a very kind person) just to have some feedbacks.
I received (thank god!) a lot of interesting advices that certainly will help me to focus on a better direction.
But i probably reiceved some bad news too.

One Step back:
This is my first long movie. (I’m currently a photograper)
I’m trying to use non original Foo Fighters’ tracks and most of the tracks in the movie are just played by tribute bands.
The charachters in DOFF are just fans and their passion for the band.
I haven’t any contact with Foo Fighters yet, at the moment, they don’t know anything about this movie and, as I said in an interview on FFIFC, once I finish DOFF, the first step will be to try to contact the band to have the permission to use their songs. (it will be great!)

I do not earn anything from this movie, but I’m hoping (if it comes out a good job) to have the opportunity to submit in some awards.

In order to better explain the story, as well as to make the film more complete, in a very small part of it, I’m using some materials about FF that I found on the internet.
For example i’m using some videos found on YouTube: few seconds from the Loollapalooza concert, few seconds from the Garage Tour, few words from that wonderful interview by Sam Jones to Dave Grohl in Off Camera (very short sections).

The editor I just spoke with gave me a bad news.
He’s not a lawyer, but he has got the feeling that it may be easier to get the liberatory from the band, than the one form the other brands owners (Youtube, BlackBerry, lollapalooza’s multiple owners, Sam Jones etc.)
In other words, he believes that I will never have the rights to use that material! Even if it is a very small part of my movie…

From the beginning of this project I knew that, sooner or later, I would have had to deal with this part.
I have voluntarily decided not to deal with it before.
For one simple reason: while not having a production or a law firm behind me, if I had considered this problem before, I would not have ever even started!
It was a risk that I was conscious about.

Which brings us to the second part of this story:
Once this meeting was over, I received a phone call from a friend and collaborator: “Hello Stefano, do you remember the videoclip we weren’t hired for, after many meetings, because of budget reasons? The video has been made by another production, but by using our  ideas!”

It happens, and honestly I do not give a shit.
This episode can be added to others, such as when the Adv agency tried not to pay the agreed  fee; or when a big brand re-used the same campaign shooted by me years ago, without paying the rights and without even telling me.
I am aware that these shitty things are quite common all over the world, but sometimes I think the shit stinks in Italy more than elsewhere…

These two facts’ timing is quite symbolic:

– On one hand I have a work that has been made with passion and heart, that I hope will open a little window toward the future.
A huge work, a kind of mission impossible, which  I’m very happy to do, even if everything can be stopped by bureaucracy.

– On the other hand, the dishonest way of working  that is carried very often now.
A tired practice of an industry (like many others) now wrecked by a huge economic crisis in a total absence of human, ethical and professional values, with very few perspectives toward the future.

Honestly i don’t know what to think about all this and maybe i don’t want to think about it at all.
It’s sad and kind of reassuring at the same time, the failure rate in both cases is high.

People often ask me:
“Why are you working on DOFF? What’s the reward?”
And i’m very embarassed and with a sense of guilt (i’m 39 not 19) because I know that the only right answer is:
“I want do it. Making DOFF is my first reward!”

Am i a looser for these feelings? Maybe…but, as far as I can see it, being a looser has never been so cool.

In a big adv agency in Portland there is a big mural: Fail Harder.

As a reminder to employees that failure is acceptable as long as you do it in a spectacular way.

And sure i’m trying to do my best.
Fail Harder it’s a good option, even if sometimes i feel that is the only option.