Foo Fighters, Girl Power!

Leecy Anderson and Jessy Greene

Leecy Anderson and Jessy Greene

Many friends of mine are aware of my Doff movie project.
Simply because I’ve been working on it uninterruptedly during the last 2 and a half years… and because I shared with them all the frustrations that I got through it.

First there were frustrations about the making of the movie.
Making a movie all by myself, as director, editor, operator and everything else you can imagine…
Working on it during every night, holiday and weekend available, for more than two years, has some side effects, risking to affect both the final outcome and my own mental balance.

After I finished the movie, a new “frustration” showed up: I had a product, but I was missing everything else. Contacts, voice, legal advice, a distributor…
Yes, I know that I may have underestimated some aspects.
My passion kept me up and led my decisions.
I realized that I had to deal with something bigger than me.

So I began a long journey in the search for contacts. I hope that my gift reaches the band Foo Fighters and the new filming director Dave Grohl.
(This move was born from a desire to make a tribute to FF and celebrate their 20th anniversary … but the anniversary was in 2015 and time is running out…)

At the same time, I also hope to give a future to my movie, even facing the copyright issue because I don’t want have problems like that in the future.
I don’t have any production company behind me, a big brand or a sponsor.
So, everything is very hard to face and fix.
Not because I received any negative answers.
Just because I received no answers at all.

I’m talking about Sony Music Italy, the management of the FF (SAM), newspapers magazines and more, more and more….
Now… I totally understand the management of the Foo Fighers. They for sure get constantly bombarded by ideas and fans, in the middle of a huge epic world tour!
But hat about all the others?
All those who I contacted… Why none of them could find the time for a simple no, or even a “f**k off”?

I’m not asking, like a crazy fan (with all due respect to the crazy and screaming fans), to meet the Foo Fighters.
I made a movie, I’m talking about my work asking how to face some practical issues.
Simply, I’ve been talking about my work, just to myself.

Unless… something happened.
I had two replies!
Maybe for coincidence, both of them were written by a woman’s hand.
Leecy Anderson’s and Jessy Green’s hands.

Leecy Anderson is probably the best-known fan of FF and Dave Grohl. She has been writing the blog sweetparamania for 11 years. A great job for all the fans.
Jessy Green is a talented American violinist and Singer who worked with many great artists: Jayhawks, Ben Harper, Soul Asylum, Pink, and of course with the Foo Fighters. (…especially for the beautiful “Wasting Light”).

Both answers were like, “I’m sorry I can not help you”  But… OMG, I got an answer!
And above all, even if the answers were negative, they are the best “negative” answer I could get.
I appreciate the kind words, the motivations and especially the respect you gave to me and my work.

I’m not saying that only a woman can respect and support, but for the moment, there are only two people who were kind enough to answer.
And these two people were you two.

Thank you Leecy, Thank you Jessy